Big Fish Casino – Blackjack, roulette, poker and only live communication

No matter what they say, mobile apps make our lives a lot easier: you want to drive an S-class sports car? Download NFS or Asphalt. Want to sit at home in an armchair and try out the protective equipment of the S.W.A.T. special forces? You have a huge variety of all kinds of shooters. Are you a fan of gambling, leave your entire salary in the casino, and recently lost your favorite wristwatch, a gift for the anniversary? Then for you online casino is a must. That’s where we want to introduce Big Fish Casino, one of the few quality games of this genre.

Big Fish Casino is a kind of compilation of the most popular gambling games, here and Blackjack, roulette, even a place for Texas Hold’em poker. A distinctive feature of the game from the developers of Big Fish Games is an extensive social component, that is a categorical “no” bots and open “yes” to a real communication and live opponents. In this game everything disposes to communicate: all kinds of live chats, private rooms, special tables for playing with friends, and registration with social networks.

Speaking of the latter, it should be mentioned that the registration on Facebook or Twitter, as well as creating your own game profile is rewarded with in-game currency. Also, game currency is earned naturally – winning huge sums in the gaming machines and ripping off to nothing unskillful fellow players at the gaming table. In addition, the game has a rating system – also a good motivation to be the best, increasing your gaming skill.

Speaking of graphics, my personal opinion comes into conflict: it seems that every element takes its place, everything looks attractive enough, but it is a bit confusing to be littered with all sorts of banners, which unscrupulously catch your eye and beg to be tapped. There are no complaints about the sound design at all, the soundtrack brightens up your loneliness in the game menu, but hurriedly leaves your attention when you go into the game, so as not to distract from the gameplay. The other sound effects don’t seem plastic, everything is reproduced quite well, at least your ears won’t have a chance to complain about anything.

Let’s move on to another pressing issue: monetization of the project. Don’t tell me that in a world where even yellow fairy elephant games sometimes require a donation, you believe in completely free online casino projects. The game is free, of course, but Big Fish Casino is a completely in-app purchase project, just like other games of this genre. So all we have to do is to choose the best one from a long list of similar games. By the way, Big Fish Casino, according to, is one of the best card and casino games.

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