Big Fish Casino: Facebook gaming platform


Get to know one of the largest social casinos: Facebook Big Fish Casino

Established in 2002, this casino today is one of the most successful with a loyal audience enjoying Big Fish Casino Facebook games, which reached more than 400. PC gamers also can access more than 3500 games. Let’s see what is the main difference between Big Fish Casino and other online casino gaming clubs.

Review and basic rules to play Facebook Big Fish Casino

One important thing to notice before you continue reading is that Big Fish casino doesn’t offer cash. Your winnings can be turned into bonuses, prizes but not real money. Therefore, if you are looking for social games to have a lot of fun without gambling your finances, keep reading.

In order to play Big Fish casino on Facebook you need to login to your page and create an account. Right after that, you can customize your account by adding a picture of your choice and a username. Upon registration, the system will grant you 100 000 chips to start playing. Every 3 minutes you will get a chance to receive free chips.

The dashboard is pretty simple. Your profile will be visible on the top of the screen, where you can see your current level, score, etc. At the bottom, there are relevant buttons to search for clubs to join, friends that following you. The casino organizes SALE from time to time, you can keep track to benefit from attractive prices.

Finally, if you prefer to play on your mobile device, download Big Fish Casino Facebook app on your android or iPhone. Reviews mention that games load much faster on mobile devices than on a browser.

Big Fish Casino Facebook games

As mentioned above, the casino has a wide selection of games for any taste.

  • Slots. Multiple slots are at your disposal, including slots tournaments. There are specific slot games that will be unlocked only when you reach a particular level.
  • Table games. In comparison with real money casinos, Big Fish doesn’t have a big selection of table games, but classics such as Blackjack, Roullette are there.
  • Video Poker. This game has its own category.

Graphics and animations are very appealing providing additional fun and excitement.

There are some hacking codes some players use to cheat in Big Fish Casino Facebook With some research on Internet you will find out the way to obtain them.

One thing that might seem annoying is pop-up promotions to motivate players to get additional chips or participate in a SALE. It is a part of marketing, so you will have to get used to it and carefully select only useful promo campaigns.

Have fun playing one of the most successful and popular social casinos.

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